Pulse Profit

Benchmark your retail performance against your potential shopper sales. Drive shopper related growth you can forecast and track. Build a new basis for mutual profitable discussion with your retailers with their own data. All from £5,000 per annum.


Best in class promotions driven by targeted stock allocations delivered centrally or via store callage.


Best in class store callage. Target mutually profitable forecast action by store and demonstrate the value on future visits. New listings, additional facings all driven by downloaded data merged with demographics, geo demographics and store size.

Pulse Planning

Locate your core consumers, who they are, where they live, and where they want to shop. Build distribution and sales together with Sales and Marketing talking the same language. Identify opportunity for further growth building core “mental and physical availability (Ehrenburg key objective).


Understand the contribution of your products to the category and the way your brands trend. Do they need more space, will they justify greater distribution.


Track the key promotion measures – do your brands have the promotion stock they need to support your core stores that can give you multiple uplifts. Is your launch proceeding as it should?

Pulse Promotion

Different core shoppers respond to completely different incentives. Pulse promotion insights are based on 2011 census data with exclusive insights from the British Population Survey and Actual promotion redemptions. While price is important, if you want to build long term loyalty you need to talk their language.


You also need to talk their language in the media they choose to use.


PULSE PROMOTION tells you what over 11,000 representative of your customers did in the last three months so promotion techniques are no longer a matter of luck. Additional insight into the exact value of in and near store messaging builds in store investment based on something more than buyer demands.

Why Choose Us?


Build shoppers AND stores together for maximum ROI

Colin Harper

A Win/Win Approach.

Colin Harper

Trialing Effective Solutions


So in summary a near doubling of sales and performance from shelf.

Nick Gamble